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Arizona Peace Trail Oval Stickers Now Available

Now available the Arizona Peace Trail Oval Sticker from one of our partners, Connected Horizons Consulting. Show your support of the Arizona Peace Trail by displaying this 5″ x 3″ oval sticker on your UTV, ATV, Dirt Bike, Jeep, or anywhere else. The sticker is made from a thick durable vinyl material which is designed to protect against scratches, sunlight, and water. Proceeds from the sticker go directly into the further development of the Arizona Peace Trail.

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AZPT Oval Logo
AZPT Oval Logo

BLM TMP for Cactus Plain Area- Comment Period Extended


BLM has announce an extension to the public comment period for the Cactus Plain TMP until August 13th. More information available here:

BLM continues to work on Travel Management Plans (TMP) in the areas including the Arizona Peace Trail. The BLM is now working in the Cactus Plain area which includes Southern Lake Havasu area including Roves Needle & The Cabin down to Quartzsite. We would like all users of the ARizona Peace Trail to please review the TMP and provide comments on the plan.

Here is a link to BLM.

Trails that need attention are to Roves Needle & the LOOP to cabin, and some rock crawling areas within the FOX WASH area.

The TMP, Tcurrently under review for the last 1.5 years is down to the final comment period that ends JUNE 29th. It is much easier to comment now then to amend a final TMP after it is final.

It is down to basically 4 options, much like what was done in Lake Havasu a few years ago when we got 95% of our trails we wanted approved.

You can click the above link and navigate to your favorite trails and see what RECOMMENDED by the BLM at this time is. If you wish to keep a trail OPEN click on it, go to upper right, click on add new comment, select existing features and tell them why it important. Additionally, you can email them at , or just write a letter and hand deliver to BLM at 1785 Kiowa Ave, Lake Havasu AZ 86403

Trails that may need your immediate attention to why we need them to stay open:

Roves Needle loop trail for Cabin trails within Fox Wash LWC
1014, 1015, 1016, 1017, 1540, 1476, 1477; you may also add any that you wish.

The Fox wash was designated in 2003 in the RMP Regional Master Plan. RMPs are VERY hard to modify, TMPs can be modified in the future, a bit harder than trying to fix.

Some have commented that some of the links don’t work depending on what browser you use. You may tell them that we need more time since it does not work. You may also wish to tell them their site is less than intuitive.

Arizona Peace Trail Map

Arizona Peace Trail Map on Avenza

The Arizona Peace Trail route is now available on Avenza. This high quality map shows the AZPT route as well as side trials, points of interest, and difficultly. Many thanks to the team at Connected Horizons for developing this map. All proceeds generated from the sale of the map go directly back into the Arizona Peace Trail. Get the map here: AZPT Map on Avenza

Welcome Route 66 Motorsports

The Arizona Peace Trail is very fortuate to have Route 66 Motorsports in Kingman, Arizona as a supporting sponsor. Come visit this full service dealership while visiting the Kingman area.