Kingman Travel Management Plan

BLM continues to work on Travel Management Plans (TMP) in the areas including the Arizona Peace Trail. The BLM is now working in the Kingman Plan area which includes Bagdad, Black Mountains, Cerbat Mountains, Crozier, Goodwin Mesa, Hualapai Mountains, Music Mountains and Poachies. It will also include the White Hills Travel Management Areas and encompasses Kingman, Bullhead City, Golden Valley, Chloride, Wikieup, Bagdad, Meadview, Dolan Springs, White Hills, and Wayside in Mohave, Yavapai and La Paz counties.  We would like all users of the Arizona Peace Trail to please review the TMP and provide comments on the plan.

The public comment period will be for a period of 30-calendar days from Aug. 20 to Sept. 18, 2018. More information can be found on-line at:

If you wish to remain on the project mailing list and made aware of the documents’ availability, please notify us:


Azriona Peace Trail Master Plan Process Has Begun

The Arizona Peace Trail is developing a master plan to guide further development of the recreation system in western Arizona. Information about your interest and needs is essential to make sure the master plan includes the essential items. Please help us collect public input by taking this short survey:
AZPeace Trail Master Plan Survey

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Grant Success

October has been a very busy month for the Arizona Peace Trail!… La Paz County applied for 2 different grants, one being through Yamaha, seeking funding to help with signage to be placed on County roads with the Arizona Peace Trail sign. The successful amount awarded to the County was $ 4,980.92.  Yamaha requested to be shown on the signage as well!! …

The second grant  applied for by La Paz County, was from the Arizona State Parks. Supervisor Holly Irwin  attended the “Off Highway Vehicle Advisory Group” (OHVAG) meeting where this application was being considered. This application proposed 2 projects;  for the Arizona Peace Trail – To construct a staging area, bathrooms, picnic tables along with Ramada’s and trash containers in Cibola (at the area known as the  “Hippie Hole”). As part of another project 6 years in the making with the County, it is an  alternative route on the Arizona Peace Trail. The “Hippie Hole” area does include trails in need of repairs. The OHVAG showed enthusiasm for this project and voted unanimously to fund and awarded $74,414.   Total project amount is for $90,000. The County will be able to use “in-kind” services which means no cost to the taxpayers for this project!!

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July 25, 2016

The first three BLM La Paz County and Peace Trail Signs that were installed by Bouse Ghost Riders and Arizona SunRiders. Some signs will be dual purpose for the La Paz County Trails and the Peace Trail. GPS readings were recorded and when the project is finished there will be a sign about every mile.

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March 8, 2016

We just learned the BLM La Posa Travel Management Plan was signed this morning. We are anxiously awaiting the information to be posted on website sometime this afternoon. John McDonald, Director of Yuma BLM District told Quartzsite Town Manager Skylor Miller that there is 1,100 miles of open trails (out of BLM’s inventory of 1,710 miles of existing routes in the La Posa Travel Management Area.) According to BLM, the purpose of the Plan is to identify, establish, and promote compatible recreational use of the TMA while protecting natural and cultural resources and improving public safety.To view plan … CLICK HERE

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