To develop, maintain, and promote one of the nations premier OHV trail systems.
Provide the OHV recreation user with the ultimate Off-Road adventure through the use of an OHV loop trail system that utilizes existing trails, tracks, and dirt roads in Western Arizona by working with City, County, State, and Federal Agencies to the keep the desert roads and trails open for public use.
Work tirelessly on projects for our community and our public lands. Promote the sport of Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) riding with awareness of safety and respect for the environment


The Arizona Peace Trail was first initiated by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) in July 2013. With vast amounts of open desert, thousands of miles of old mining roads, and other dirt roads and tracks to manage combined with the growing popularity of motorized off-highway recreation in the area, the two agencies felt it would be able to create a connector trail between Bullhead City, AZ in the North and Yuma, AZ in the South, a distance of nearly 210 miles if traveled along route US95. At the same time, BLM and AZGFD began their effort, the Arizona Sun Riders ATV club based in Quartzsite, AZ had been working with La Paz County since 2011 to create a loop OHV trail system around the Quartzsite area. Additionally, the Bouse Ghost Riders ATV club based in Bouse, AZ was working with the La Paz County Board of Supervisors to develop OHV recreation opportunities with the hopes of attracting more winter visitors to their small town.

In the early fall of 2013, the Bouse Ghost Riders ATV Club, heard about the BLM and AZGFD efforts to build a connector trail between Yuma and Bullhead City. Also being aware of the effort in the Quartzsite area, the Bouse Ghost Riders saw an opportunity to combine the multiple efforts into a single trail system. For the vision to become a reality, the Bouse Ghost Riders knew they would need to bring land managers from federal, state, county, city, and private ownership as well as OHV recreation enthusiasts together. Knowing how difficult it would be to bring together this many different agencies, the Bouse Ghost Riders immediately started contacting other OHV clubs in western Arizona asking for their support in forming a nonprofit company to help formalize the vision and to work with the various government and private agencies. By January 2014, the team had recruited 14 different OHV clubs who together with the support of BLM, AZGFD, Yuma County, La Paz County, and Mohave County would form the Arizona Peace Trail, Inc. The Arizona Peace Trail, Inc. gained official non-profit status in July 2015.

Today, the Arizona Peace Trail, Inc. is controlled by a board of directors who appointed JC Sanders, former President of the Bouse Ghost Riders ATV Club, as the first president in February 2014. The Arizona Peace Trail, Inc. has over 40 contributing members from the original 14 OHV clubs plus nearly 100 other individuals from other OHV organizations as well as federal, state and local government agencies as supporters.

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J.C. Sanders
Bouse,AZ (2016 Chairman)
Ron Riffe
Bouse, AZ (2016 Chairman)
Jim Bowen
Lake Havasu City, AZ
John Strong
Lake Havasu City, AZ
Bruce Fuller
Quartzsite, AZ
Darrell Ritz
Salome, AZ
J.B. Peters
Bouse, AZ